Outer Space Exploration Depends on Your Orgasms

barbarellaAuthor Jason Louv asks: what happened to the Great Dream? And then he urges you to start thinking about outer space when you have an orgasm.

“Space is fundamentally about sex. And by eroticizing space, instead of militarizing it, we can do wonders for our limp interest.”

Humankind’s best hope for outer space exploration may be to…eroticize it. “If we could harness the sexual juice poured into the Internet every day and aim it toward the stars, just think what we could achieve.” And in fact, space has a very clear link to sexuality — the threat of world overpopulation! (“Sex makes human beings…And we’ll eventually need to get into space to find somewhere to put them!”)

“Don’t use sexuality to further pollute planet Earth. Use it as a spaceship. Forget Earth, with its grime and disappointment. Forget the last four decades of disaster capitalism and electronic distraction… There’s a whole universe out there waiting to be sexplored.

“What could be more clear? The orgone force must be pointed towards the stars!”

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  1. dumbsaint | Feb 23, 2010 at 9:04 am |

    So is Barbarella there our hypersigil for this affair?

  2. ugh I <3 Jason Louv. Glad to see he's writing again.

  3. ugh I <3 Jason Louv. Glad to see he's writing again.

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