Plane Crash in Austin, TX: Intentional Act?

Small plane crash into Echelon building in Austin, TX, housing IRS employees. No fatalities reported yet:

According to Alex Jones’

UPDATE: NTSB Investigating Austin Plane Crash As An Intentional Act

Comment: How long before this is blamed on a Tea Party acitvist/Ron Paul supporter or 9/11 truther?

12:42 p.m.: The pilot of the plane had set his house on fire beforehand, stole the plane and crashed it intentionally, a federal official told CNN.

12:40 p.m.: Federal officials said two F-16 fighter jets were launched as a precaution after the crash, though terrorist intent was not indicated.

UPDATE: NTSB official told Fox News that they are investigating Austin, Texas plane crash as an intentional act, and said it appears the pilot set his own house on fire and then got in his plane and flew it into the building. An NTSB spokesman, however, told that “we can’t confirm any of that.”

An IRS office is located inside the building, NTSB told Fox News.

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