Representative Marcy Kaptur Chews Up Tiny Tim Geithner And Spits Him Out

Via YouTube:

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  • WordSmith

    Little timmy seems to be in the arrogant defensive mode

  • honu

    She does a good job cornering him. I noticed that the chair of the committe was helping Geithner out by telling her that her time was up. You can't simply ask questions and hope to get the truth from these people. Especially true of elite figure heads like Geithner who go through the revolving door of government and the banking institutions. It seems to me that if you're questioning someone like this guy, you have to go into it knowing that they're guilty and craft your examination to prove it. I don't think there's any doubt that he's guilty of stealing tax payer's money.

  • Gregory

    Unfortunately another Obama pick that hasn't panned out. I do not believe Timmy is in cahoots with Big Banking…I just think he's grossly incompetent. Which, alongside unbridled greed that was endorsed by the lack of regulation under years of Republican control, is also the reason for the near collapse of Big Banking.

    Okay, Timmy out you go, through the door or out da window.

  • Anonymous

    Chews up? Thats a laughable interpretation.

  • mbo

    Chews up? Thats a laughable interpretation.

  • Marc


  • Marc


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