Study Links Soda and Pancreatic Cancer

Many of us know that consumption of sugar (or more likely corn syrup)-laden carbonated drinks is a major cause of the obesity epidemic (see the disinformation® documentary Killer At Large for more on that), but now it seems that they can lead to pancreatic cancer too. Reported by Reuters via RAW Story:
Coke and Pepsi

People who drink two or more sweetened soft drinks a week have a much higher risk of pancreatic cancer, an unusual but deadly cancer, researchers reported on Monday.

People who drank mostly fruit juice instead of sodas did not have the same risk, the study of 60,000 people in Singapore found.

Sugar may be to blame but people who drink sweetened sodas regularly often have other poor health habits, said Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota, who led the study.

“The high levels of sugar in soft drinks may be increasing the level of insulin in the body, which we think contributes to pancreatic cancer cell growth,” Pereira said in a statement.

Insulin, which helps the body metabolize sugar, is made in the pancreas.

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7 Comments on "Study Links Soda and Pancreatic Cancer"

  1. Chalk up another one into the No-Shit-Sherlock category.
    Not only does soda offer Zero health benefits, it's worse – it offers Negative health “benefits”

  2. the thing is , you cut everything you enjoy out of your life,
    sure you live longer, but that life starts to feel like a sentence not a joy.

  3. one reason why the head of whole foods market is against universal healthcare, not because of some sort of left-right agenda but because he thinks that if everyone ate/lived healthy then we wouldn't need so much spending on healthcare. even though i am a supporter of national healthcare, though not a fan of the “obamacare”, he is right about eating/living healthy lives.

  4. In as much as most all soda does not have sugar in it but high fructose corn syrup, which is metabolized in the liver and not the pancreas, I do not understand how this study reached its results.

    • jbbradley | Feb 10, 2010 at 4:04 pm |

      Easily! They outsourced the study to Mexico, or India, where coke and pepsi products contain sugar instead of HFCS. Pepsi and Coke don't want to go near a HFCS study, and I'm sure this is an underhanded ploy to push HFCS on the rest of their customers world wide. I personally only drink mexican coke. Mainly because it tastes better, but also very hard to find – therefore, less consumption (like once a month).

      • I wish they'd go back to sugar here,
        I don't drink soda that much but when I do the sugar tastes so much better

  5. I wish they’d go back to sugar here,
    I don’t drink soda that much but when I do the sugar tastes so much better

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