The Super Bowl Has Been Canceled!

Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice is calling for a campaign to boycott the Superbowl and read a book. Sounds like a good idea to me … but not to the interviewers at KTLA-TV:

Here’s Dice’s direct to camera appeal for a boycott:


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3 Comments on "The Super Bowl Has Been Canceled!"

  1. right on brotha. i dont watch football or the Superbowl a bunch of clowns playing a game so we can drool over T.V and slobber down some good Ol'fashion capitalist propaganda. Yea its great to stimulate the economy but what about those bumbling idiots on the field being paid mega bucks or the amount of money it takes to put together a half time show or the money They waste making these stupid brainwashing T.V advertisements that plays one time and we never ever see again. wow i went to spell check superbowl and had the option for Superb Owl bohemian grove anyone?

  2. GoodDoktorBad | Feb 7, 2010 at 11:56 am |

    Pro football is a complete joke. Joke #1: Each team is supposed to represent a city. Most players are not from the town that they play for (though they may be required to live near the town they play for). Most players would probably not choose to live in the cities they play for. (ie. Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland etc.) So there is no real loyal connection to the city in many cases,it's really about where the money is…Period.
    Joke #2. The teams are not necessarily owned by any interest or corp. that is even based in “your town” USA. With the exception of tax revenues for the city and other channels, money is being siphoned OUT of your city by pro sports team owners, likely more money goes out than in, overall.
    So, your home team that you root for is really not “your” team at all. Its a circus put on to dazzle and thrill your mind, waste your time and most of all generate money, your money….

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