Superstitious Politicians: Zardari’s Goat Sacrifice

From ABC News:

Politicians are no strangers to superstitious rituals – during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, his chief strategist David Axelrod carried a pink quartz heart in his pocket to bring good luck, former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi was famous for consulting soothsayers and astrologers and Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari has been slaughtering black goats every day since becoming President, in an attempt to ward off “the evil eye”.

This particular practice in the Muslim faith is called ‘Sadaqa’, where an animal is slaughtered and its meat distributed among the poor to gain Allah’s blessings and protection from misfortune. “There are many religious traditions in Pakistan based on local culture and Sufi order,” says Samina Ahmed, Head of the International Crisis Group in Pakistan.

In a speech made to his party members in Lahore early this month,  Zardari  said that the ‘pen’ and the ‘Bayonet’ are after him (implying Judiciary and the Military), but he vowed that he will fight on. Zardari  also talks often about of “conspiracies being hatched against him.”

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  1. At least he gives the meat to the poor, so the superstition isn't totally useless.

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