The Philosophy of Punk Rock Mathematics

Tom Henderson, a/k/a Mathpunk

Tom Henderson, a/k/a Mathpunk

Tom Henderson explains his philosophy of punk rock mathematics. Via Technoccult:

1) People use the average Joe’s poor mathematics as a way to control, exploit, and numerically fuck him over.

2) Mathematics is the subject in which, regardless of what the authorities tell you is true, you can verify every last iota of truth, with a minimum of equipment.

Therefore, if you are concerned with the empowerment of everyday people, and you believe that it’s probably a good idea to be skeptical of authority you could do worse than to develop your skills at being able to talk math in such a way that anyone can ask questions, can express curiosity, can imagine applying it in the most weird-ass off-the-wall ways possible.

5 Comments on "The Philosophy of Punk Rock Mathematics"

  1. this is stupid. ok so math exists and the gov' will fist you in the ass….. thanks for enlightening us.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment.

    • so it's stupid to try to get people to understand the terms in which a great many things are communicated to you?

      • does my post say its stupid to understand the terms “in which a great many things are communicated” im not sure how your retard logic works but ,if this post is trying to get you to learn up on your math so you can stick it to the man it does a pretty poor job. and klint thanks for YOUR insightful posts.

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