Using Facebook or Twitter ‘Could Raise Your Insurance Premiums’

Richard Evans writes in the Telegraph:

Services such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz can alert criminals when users are not home, according to, the price comparison service. Foursquare, for example, shows that people are in a specific spot and, more importantly, that the user is definitely not at home, added.It predicted that the new wave in social media could eventually lead to big rises in home insurance premiums.

Darren Black, the head of home insurance at, said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if, as social media grow in popularity and more location-based applications come to fore, insurance providers consider these in their pricing of an individual’s risk. We could see rises of up to 10pc for people who use these sites.

“Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their information gathering, even using Google Earth and Streetview to plan their burglaries with military precision. Insurance providers are starting to take this into account when they are assessing claims and we may in future see insurers declining claims if they believe the customer was negligent.”

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2 Comments on "Using Facebook or Twitter ‘Could Raise Your Insurance Premiums’"

  1. Anything to get out of paying the insurance claim. What new lows can the insurance industry reach, next?
    Joe from California

  2. well, that is interesting. There has already been concern about the info you put on Facebook about yourself, but yes, it does say “the house is empty, c'mon in.” However, I think it would be hard to enforce as simply the use of facebook, twitter etc doesn't mean you're away from home when you do so. For myself, I don't use cellphones and dont use these things at work, etc so I only post from home. For my insurance to go up would be silly. But that's how insurance works. No matter how mature your head is, if you're a certain physical age, your premiums change.

    However, since Canada doesn't seem to have this problem, for example, I think American should have higher premiums just for being us. Because we deserve everything coming to us. We don't deserve our current president who wants to be able to change things but is faced with a congress in gridlock who doesn't want to change things and an american public who just cares about things when the economy is bad, not when the constitution is being trampled or when we're being a rogue nation invading countries for no good reason or when our last president basically did things because Gawd was his co-pilot and we were slipping ever so closer into a theocracy…

    Yeah, we don't deserve a break, so let 'er Rip.

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