We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Plead Guilty In Court.

From TechCrunch:

On Thursday 8 January 2009, then 18-year old Mahoud Samed Almahadin (aka Matt Connor aka Agent Pubeit) took off his shirt, proceeded to rub vaseline all over his upper body and subsequently used it to hold toenail clippings and pubic hair. He then ran into the New York Scientology building, tossed some books around and smeared the mixture on objects.

After his greasy raid, Mahoud Samed Almahadin was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and aggravated harassment as hate crimes. Weeks later, 21 year-old film student and Anonymous member Jacob Speregen was charged with the same crimes, bar burglary, because he had filmed Almahadin carrying out his prank (video below).

This morning, the Church of Scientology put out a press release, rejoicing the fact that Almahadin apparently pled guilty in the New York City Criminal Court.

Savvy surfers will correctly assume Almahadin is a ‘member’ of the Anonymous collective, a loosely organized movement of sorts among Internet users often associated with message boards 4chan and Futaba

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6 Comments on "We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Plead Guilty In Court."

  1. conniedobbs | Feb 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm |

    Why I can never, in good conscience, support Anonymous.
    by Mme C. Dobbs

    Battlefield Earth is an awful movie, and its box office performance (21.5 million return from a 70+ budget) reflects this awfulness. Catching it on late night cable while baked off your ass, though, is an unexpected joy, and it's easy to appreciate the movie for its sheer silliness in a way that would make Ed Wood proud.

    In a parallel world lies Passion of the Christ. This film is equally bad, and in many ways worse as one can't sit through this torture porn over and over again while on intoxicants the way one can with Battlefield Earth. Passion made 370 million from a 30 million budget, from christians who took their kids to see an r-rated snuff flick.

    Looking at these statistics, one can notice a correlation – Scientology, and its alleged corrupting power, doesn't matter to society. The general population views them as “weirdos”, “hollywood elitists”, and the most contact one is likely to have with a Scientologist is to see one of their kids in that silly yellow t-shirt passing out pamphlets at a hippy festival. On the other hand, Christians are at every corner, constantly lambasting those of us who disagree with them with hateful speech, legislation, and acts of terrorism that serves to oppress those who don't buy their myths hook-line-and-sinker. So, based on these facts, one can easily deduce that the majority of Anonymous are a bunch of attention seeking whiners who, in their misguided quest for the Lulz and “hactivism without risk”, ignore the elephant in the room and decide to stomp the ants.

    In other words, they're as necessary (and nowadays, as funny and relevant) as a roach motel. Stop being pussies.

    • You are spot on. Anonymous focused on the Church of Scientology because they made themselves easy targets by:
      1) Screwing with people on the internet (that is THEIR job!)
      2) Being ridiculous (Yep, their creation myth involves aliens, space planes, and volcanoes)

      If they went after the abuses of the Catholic Church, for example, they would be facing off against an enemy infinitely more powerful than they could hope to dent. I doubt the Catholic Church would even care enough to respond.

    • dumbsaint | Feb 23, 2010 at 6:46 pm |

      While I agree with your statement, CoS made itself a target by censoring youtube – that's what got anon's nose out of joint.

  2. As I heard it, the above video was intended to be so outrageous and obnoxious because it was protesting the more hands-off and almost polite (if silly) protests of Anonymous.

    So, he isn't protesting Scientology, he is protesting that Anons tend to protest without committing crimes and is therefore trying to make Anonymous look stupid. This is ridiculous, since Anonymous has no trouble looking stupid on their own (you know, for the lulz).

    I will say that I observed an Anon protest years ago and found them to be actually polite, happily giving away cake, candy, and pizza and not harassing anyone. When the Church of Scientology sent people to photograph, the Anons offered them food and asked them to please stop trying to take pictures without permission. Those Anons I met would have rightly called this guy on being a moron and, inasmuch as they care to point out that someone is not part of Anonymous. would have taken him down.

  3. Lol, Pretty slippery guy, no one could catch him. I can’t help but wonder if a baseball bat slammed up side his head would have slipped off? Sure would have liked to have been there to find out.

  4. Lol, Pretty slippery guy, no one could catch him. I can't help but wonder if a baseball bat slammed up side his head would have slipped off? Sure would have liked to have been there to find out.

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