Zero-Rupee Bribes for Bent Indian Officials

From ABC News:

Indians are being urged to hand over a note worth zero rupees when asked for a bribe, in a bid to stamp out corruption among officials.

Last year, international corruption watchdog Transparency International said almost 4 million Indian families had to bribe officials for access to basic services.

Vijay Anand, from the lobby group 5th Pillar, says they began distributing the worthless note because of a lack of practical solutions for tackling corruption.

“The topic of corruption have never been on the surface,” he said.

“Everybody was practising it, paying bribes, getting their jobs done. We thought that the fundamental reason was there was lack of alternatives – there was no practical solutions, no alternatives.

“So we thought we should come up with something. One of our volunteers came up with the idea of the zero-rupee note and we then launched it on a wide scale.”

The note, similar to a real 50-rupee note, carries 5th Pillar’s email address and phone number.

[Read more at ABC News]

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