Berlin Poker Heist Video

AOL News reports:

A group of robbers wielding machetes and handguns stormed a Berlin poker tournament Saturday — escaping with as much as $1.1 million in a stunt that was captured by German television cameras.

In what looks like a scene out of an action movie, four robbers in disguise burst into the poker competition at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, sending panicked players, hotel employees and spectators scrambling for the exits as security guards attempted to tackle the thieves.

The initial moments of the heist were captured on live television, with poker players seen fleeing their tables mid-competition, but coverage soon cut away.

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“An armed robbery in broad daylight in the heart of Berlin, at Germany’s biggest poker tournament,” Olaf Wagner, a witness and photographer for Germany’s Bild newspaper, marveled to BusinessWeek. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

“One guy stood in the corner stuffing 500 euro notes into his backpack…


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