Brother of Pentagon Shooter Describes a Path from Early Promise to Madness

In addition to the piece below from the Washington Post, I have included a video embed from what’s claimed to John Patrick Bedell’s YouTube Channel. The media reports first described him as a right-wing extremist, which has now been modified to him having an “anti-government” ideology.

Ian Shapira writes in the Washington Post:

John Patrick Bedell was an independent-minded and skeptical teenager — bright and questioning, with strongly held opinions, like countless other young people, his brother remembered Saturday.

Bedell, who went by Patrick, had vigorously objected to the government’s role in the 1991 Persian Gulf War since high school, telling relatives that the United States was trying to enrich itself and oil companies, said his brother, 33-year-old Jeffrey Bedell.

But, in about 2002, after the breakup of a long-term relationship with a girlfriend, his skepticism began to turn to deep-rooted suspicion. And soon it became paranoia, his brother said.

Patrick would point skyward, convinced that “they” were watching him. He believed songs he heard on the radio were meant as warnings. Deeply concerned, the Bedell family and close friends tried to seek medical help for him, but Patrick refused, convinced that he was privy to information that warranted his mind-set.

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