‘Our Gods Wear Spandex’ Author Christopher Knowles on The Black Fridays

Our Gods Wear Spandex

The Black Fridays — Episode 11: Christoper Knowles

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CHRISTOPHER KNOWLES is on the show! We had an awesome time speaking with Chris on this episode. We talk about his Eagle Award winning book, Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes, about the symbolism in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and about how ancient symbols permeate our modern day culture.

Chris also gave us an inside look into his newest project, The Secret History of Rock ‘n Roll.

You can (and must) check out more about Chris at his blog at www.secretsun.blogspot.com.


Wes is the Co-host of "The Black Fridays" Podcast. His work experience was taken him around the world including four years living and working in Moscow, Russia while working in the NASA/MIR Programs and the International Space Station Program. His interests in the esoteric include, conspiracies, the unexplained, and the social influence of "Distractor-Issues." His educational background is in Electronic Engineering and Anthropology with a special emphasis on Biblical Anthropology and the Crusades.

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  1. ugh that book is so good, it helped me a lot in my comic book history class when I did a report about the occult in comic books.

  2. Anonymous | Mar 8, 2010 at 10:03 pm |

    Spandex – it’s a privilege, not a right.

  3. Spandex – it's a privilege, not a right.

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