Controversial ‘Joseph and Mary In Bed’ Billboard Ad Ruled Not Obscene

I can’t see this flying in America. Hats off to New Zealand. Reports CNN:

A billboard showing a somber Mary and Joseph laying in bed together with the caption “Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow,” is controversial, but not obscene, according to a decision by New Zealand’s Advertising Standards Authorities.

Joseph And Mary In Bed

The billboard, posted outside St. Matthew-in-the-city Anglican Church in Auckland, New Zealand, sparked outrage and vandalism by locals who “consider the sexually and suggestive illustration of the nativity to be degrading to individuals and Christian groups,” according to a complaint filed with the ASA regarding the billboard that was posted before Christmas last year.

The debate led to a slew of complaints being filed with the ASA over the nature of the billboard, to ensure it was not put up again. “I consider it inappropriate for a child’s perceptive of Christmas to be distorted in a perverse and sexual manner,” the complaint said.

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