Face of Evil: The Priest Who Abused Over 100 Deaf Boys For 24 Years

Evil PriestAndy McSmith reports on the Independent:

Father Lawrence Murphy was a man with charm and social skills. Small of stature, he was a lively, sociable, charismatic Irishman, who also had the rare ability to communicate fluently in sign language. Watching him conduct a service with his hands is said to have been more moving than if words had been spoken.

He was the mentor and spiritual guide to hundreds of vulnerable boys — and one thing they learnt from him is that there are some disgusting individuals in the adult world who gratify their sleazy appetites without a thought for others. Father Murphy was a predatory paedophile whose crimes were all the more revolting for the helplessness of his victims. The pupils at St John’s School, St Francis city, Wisconsin, were deaf. This was a boarding school, so there was no escape at nights from the vile priest who had power over them.

Anyway, he was the only adult many of them could communicate with. They were given no sex education, so they had no way of understanding what he was doing. Some may have thought they deserved this treatment.

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  1. Gross. Stomach-churning. Abhorent. Nasty man abusing his power.

    If there is a Hell, he's on the roasting spit right now.

    Even more astonishingly evil? This Donahoe guy from the Catholic League who went on Larry King's show last night to yell (like he always does – clearly his mother never taught him about using his “indoor voice”) about how somehow, the problem in the Church isn't the pathology of pedophilia, but is in his wacked out mind, a problem of “homos in the Church” because and I quote him now, “Most of these boys were post-pubescent”.

    When asked by a bewildered Sinead O'Connor (who was on the same panel), what age constitutes “post-pubescence” in America, the Catholic League douche goes, “Twelve, 13 years old…..”

    Newsflash dipshit, you're still a kid until you're 18. If you mess around with some kid even at age 17, it's statutory rape. But there he was, trying to essentially age these kids enough so that he could blame this on “teh gay” rather than on creepy priests who've got a thing for KIDS.

    Frankly, I find that whole “little boys” aspect of the discussion really abhorrent, because the statistical truth of the matter is that just as many little girls were subject to abuse by these priests (and more girls are subject to abuse than boys by pedophiles generally), because HELLO, this psychosis has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER, it's about AGE, and stealing kid's innocence. It's insulting to the girls who've suffered as well to make this weird concerted effort to ignore their pain, so that you can feed people's irrational prejudice against gay people by advancing this misinformation that erroneously equates homosexuality with pedophilia.

    The tragedy of this obsession in the Church with “purging the gay” (while ignoring the child molesters) is that nearly everything that is the most uplifting about the trappings of the faith in art and architecture, has come from gays. From the Sistine Chapel, to the Pieta, to the Dome of St. Peter's itself — all made by a gay man, Michaelangelo.

    That feeling of awe and wonder you get from walking into the Vatican? Gay.

    The truth is, the Church owes a lot to “teh gay”, and has only itself and it's sexual ignorance & repression to blame for this pedophilia crap.

    • Weird how a psychosis would abide by the laws of the country it manifests in?
      Sex with a 17 year old in the states would be paedophillic, but in the UK wouldn't be?
      The guy's rule of paedophilic = prepubescent seems good enough, though I dunno if it is true that most of the victims here were younger than 13 or not.

      • Well they certainly weren't abiding by the laws of the country their psychosis manifested in here. The only way a twelve year old of any sort would be legal would be if this was happening inside Vatican City itself, and while I'm fairly positive there are abuses going on there, it can be supposed that at the very least: the vast majority of the cases of abuse didn't happen within those walls.

    • Word Eater | Mar 31, 2010 at 11:14 am |

      I don't understand the “post-pubescent” qualifier, either.

      If they are sexually maturing, but have no sex education, all the boys know is that when they touch their pee-pee it feels good.

      If some authority figure comes along and starts grooming them with false ideas about sex and leads them into molestation, they think they are doing the right thing.

      It has nothing to do with gay or straight motives. The kids are too sheltered to understand those distinctions.

  2. Okay, I may be going out on a limb here but I have been trying to wrap my head around this. Why is it always boys? Why is it always tween boys?

    I don't think it is homosexuals, per se. Meaning I don't think these “priests” are homosexual.

    There is a mysogyny in the Catholic Church that goes back to its birth. It used to be very overt but as of late it is covert, yet still there in alot of it's teachings and practices. Perhaps, in the convoluted thinking of these “priests” they avoid girls and women because they are seen as unclean or impure. Men, due to the probability of masterbastion and/or sex, are also seen as unclean, so they are avoided. Young boys, who are most likely just coming into knowing about or being consciously aware of sex are seen as more “pure” and thus more attractive. Perhaps these “priests” are sexualizing their concept of pureity. Either way it is wrong and these “priests” should be brought to justice as should the Catholic Church.

    There is diffenately a denial of human sexuality in the Catholic Church that needs to be addressed. Perhaps this is not a question of letting priests marry as some have suggested or “getting rid of the gay” but of addressing their obsession with purity. But that would turn the church and all of its teachings on its head.

  3. MORT JUDABAKER | Apr 10, 2010 at 6:53 pm |


  4. There is no room in civillised society for the Catholic church!

  5. There is no room in civillised society for the Catholic church!

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