Could Hitler Serve in the United States Senate?

Here’s what Hitler would look like minus his mustache and with a flag lapel pin added: basically, ready to sit in Congress next to Orrin Hatch.
Hitler As Senator

  • Bleu


  • 5by5

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.” – Sinclair Lewis (1935)

    Or at least be sporting a flag lapel pin, apparently.

    • ben

      “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.”


      what did he mean 'when' ?

      • aerie66

        He means that it's a very real possibility. The Christian taliban would love nothing else. Their favorite mantra being “God and Country!”. Translate: their jesus god & their country under GWB & co.

        • webmage

          Ben made the point. Fascism has been here a very long time already.

    • tonyviner

      One of my personal favorites:

      “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – James Madison

  • Sevi

    ROBERT de NERO!!!!!

  • ebwolf

    Makes me wonder, was Hitler just one Extreme Makeover away from a U.S.+ German Alliance during WW2?

  • SecretSteve

    Someone needs to bring back that sweeth 'stache. What, one bad guy wears it one freakin' time and the whole world has to stop using it FOREVER?

    You know who could pull it off? Desmond Tutu. Nobody would think for a second he's a nazi, except Glen Beck…and he probably thinks his guinea pig is a nazi socialist muslim commy scientologist.

    • Tuna Ghost

      In Beck's defense, his guinea pig HAS been acting very strange lately.

  • Synapse

    No it can't be true! Hitler was a human being? and his mustache comes off?? And there could be another person just like him again??? Impossible, history can't repeat itself ever! I was convinced he was specially bred by zionists from monster cloning vats as an excuse to create Israel!

  • Adam


  • tonyviner


  • Spooky

    Am I the only one looking at this and thinking “You know I could totally see him fitting in”?

    • Hansel

      No, because that was the whole point of this exercise, you idiot.

      • tonyviner

        Meanie. :(

  • markwalder

    All this talk of Hitler cloning himself may not be as silly as it sounds, think about how many people there are around the world with the NWO in mind, we to this day dont really know who is pulling the strings at the very top, and WW2 never really ended, it was moved to the UK, project paper clip. So dont be so sure this isn't a fact.

    • Synapse

      It's still silly to expect that WW2 era people had anything in the way of cloning in mind, the technology wasn't there. Even now we still have failed to successfully clone much of anything if you discount Dolly who didn't live very long in the end, and yet we want to seriously evaluate the possibility that Nazis somehow saved Hitler's DNA for the predicted technology of cloning, and on top of that successfully cloned him when we've never truly successfully cloned anything? Too much of a stretch, try Occam's razor for a better shave.

  • MkDk

    The staff of Fox (so-called) News and Palins “teaparty” HAVE Nazi views. But they're very careful not to label their views as Nazist. nevertheless their end goal is to turn the US into the christian ver sion of Iran

  • aerie66

    To Webmage:

    I know, his excellent sarcasm escaped me when I replied. Apologies for uncalled snarkiness on my part!

  • Tim

    Give him a tan, and he's a dead ringer for Minority Leader (and ass-clown) John Boehner.

  • j McGunness

    I've heard of this guy…

    This candidate zealously loves his country so much that he disdains the “international community.” He believes liberalism is degenerating his country, dislikes intellectuals, dislikes liberal immigration law. He rejects cultural pluralism and multiculturalism. He's part of the new anti-government movement sweeping through the country, having spoken at some rallies with some force, and his distaste for helping the poor and the impoverished sick is finding eager listeners. He tends to think minorities have it too easy in his county. He seems to appeal to the disaffected working class as well as the well-heeled industrialists. He currently has 45% of the vote in his district.

  • Anonymous

    He goes by the name Harry Reid now!

  • richq

    He goes by the name Harry Reid now!