Leprecheun Killed In Shootout With Police After St. Patrick’s Day Bank Robbery In Tennessee

A man dressed as a leprechaun was killed by police after robbing a Nashville-area bank on St. Patrick’s Day. Oddly enough, it was in Nashville that a gun-toting Santa Claus committed a bank robbery this past Christmas Eve.

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  • xylus

    They were after his Lucky Charms!

  • krbbagel

    I just wanna know where the gold at…

    • chonus

      All y'all who seen the leprechaun say, “Yeah!”

  • http://xdeloachx.blogspot.com xDELOACHx

    shit is crazy. i go to school with the getaway driver. or should i say, went to school?

    kid was only a sophomore at WKU.

  • Anonymous

    All y’all who seen the leprechaun say, “Yeah!”

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