Listener Discussion with John Ratcliff on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 13 — John Ratcliff

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Today we’ve got a very special guest. Mr. John Ratcliff. John is an engineer and a Freemason and a newer listener to The Black Fridays. John first heard about us on Paratopia’s podcast with Wes and Tim Bannall. After which, John had some particular comments about us on Paratopia’s forum. We invited John to come on the show and talk about those posts, plus Freemasons, and UFO’s. We think we’ve found a new friend. Wes and Stacy both really liked talking with John and think you’ll like his ideas as well.

Wes and Stacy also have a lengthy discussion on the Emma Woods tapes and Dr. David Jacobs. To get a more thorough treatment of this issue, go to the episode 57 podcast at

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