Did Lycans Renew The Patriot Act? Find Out on Disinformation World News

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the-wolf-man1254419594Patriot Act disappointment, the history of the Werewolf, and trans-species migrations, all this week on Disinformation World News.

Disinformation World News is a monthly news series with a humorous take on the strangest recent stories to hit the wire. Anchored by Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall, the series also featuring occult news from Austin Gandy’s Invisible College as well as little known history from Joe Nolan’s Insomnia.

We welcome listener-created segments, if they are of high quality. If you’re interested, please email me at ray@disinfo.com.

  • http://www.pollobionico.blogspot.com/ Russell

    Great texture with Insomnia and Invisible College, gots a little punk zine bite with a lil Church of bob carnival lounge thrown in…

    • joenolan

      Joe Nolan likes this comment.

  • http://disinfo.com Disinformation

    That wolfman is scary…