National Day of Unplugging: March 19/20

Sabbath Manifesto is organizing a National Day of Unplugging from Sundown, Friday, March 19 to Sundown, Saturday, March 20. Join in fighting back against the tidal wave of technology taking over society and our lives. Are you sick of having conversations with people with their noses buried in an iPhone? Are you that person?

Put down the cell phone, stop the status updates on Facebook, shut down Twitter, sign out of e-mail and relax…

People across the nation will tune out to reclaim time to slow life down and reconnect with friends, family, the community and themselves for 24 hours, starting at sundown, Friday, March 19. The Sabbath Manifesto’s principles were created for individual styling, but for one day we are asking you to take on the challenge of Principle Number 1: AVOID TECHNOLOGY.


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5 Comments on "National Day of Unplugging: March 19/20"

  1. tonyviner | Mar 12, 2010 at 5:06 pm |

    Can I still take the bus to the library to look at books?

  2. So basically what orthodox Jews do every week?

  3. connie dobbs | Mar 15, 2010 at 8:40 am |

    Can I listen to Nirvana Unplugged during this, or will the Irony destroy the universe?

  4. i'm bummed that i can't fully participate, because i have a lot going on tomorrow and would literally have to drop all my plans to avoid technology. i mean, i need my cell phone to stay in contact. but i think i'm going to limit myself to only essential phonecalls, and avoid computers/tv/everything else. this is an awesome idea! (:

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