North Korea’s Comics

An article from The Diplomat examines North Korean comics and animation, produced and sold by the government for the purpose of teaching lessons to the nation’s children:

The books are designed to instill the Juche philosophy of Kim Il-sung (the ‘father’ of North Korea)—radical self-reliance of the state. The plots brim with propaganda, featuring scheming capitalists from the United States and Japan who create dilemmas for naïve North Korean characters.

In almost every cartoon, those who stay faithful to Juche have happy endings; the others aren’t so lucky. The villains fit outlandish stereotypes. Americans are usually depicted with big noses, German Nazis as wearing swastikas and Japanese with glasses and buck teeth.

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  • pb

    i”m disappointed that this partial image is all that’s available from the article. I’d love to see more of these comics!

  • pb

    i''m disappointed that this partial image is all that's available from the article. I'd love to see more of these comics!

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