Obama Says Will Not Campaign for Any Democratic Congressmen Not Supporting Health Care Reform

Obama CampaigningLooks like the arm twisting is working, as one of the strongest critics of this current effort, Dennis Kucinich, just announced he will vote for the bill. Alex Spillius writes on the Telegraph:

The president will refuse to make fund-raising visits during November elections to any district whose representative has not backed the bill.

A one-night presidential appearance can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds which would otherwise take months to accumulate through cold-calling by campaign volunteers.

Mr Obama’s threat came as the year-long debate over his signature domestic policy entered its final week.

Mr Obama is personally telephoning congressmen who are still on the fence this week, in between several personal appearances devoted toward swinging public opinion.

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    yeah, hes probably bribing congress as we speak. “we will do this weather the american people approve of it or not”. i wish i could hear the calls…. not that healthcare is bad, its the other shit included in the bill…. what do you expect form someone who got MILLIONS in campaign funds from healthcare and insurance companies. hes not doing this for you. just wait.

  • godozo

    About time the guy showed some guts and started using whatever sticks he had in hand.

    What will be interesting is seeing what happens.