Robot Future Arrives in South Korea?

Flag_of_South_KoreaSouth Korea’s government is investing $750 million to become the world robot leader within the next eight years.

They plan to get a service robot in every home within a decade, and they’re developing English-teaching robots to replace up to 30,000 human instructors at language institutes. The demilitarized zone even inspired an “Intelligence Surveillance and Guard” robot “that detects and interrogates intruders, sounds alarms, and can fire with a Daewoo K-3 machine gun.”

And finally, they’re building “Robot Land” – a combination grad school, R & D robotics center, and theme park with 340 robots, including the 364-foot tall Robot Taekwon U – “Voltar the Invincible”.

Plus, South Korea also has 3,000 computer specialists just to counter online attacks from North Korea…