Scientology Escapee Breaks her Silence


Raised as Scientologists, Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running, known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org.

They signed a contract for a billion years — in keeping with the church’s belief that Scientologists are immortal. They worked seven days a week, often on little sleep, for sporadic paychecks of $50 a week, at most.

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1 Comment on "Scientology Escapee Breaks her Silence"

  1. Ubersteigen | Mar 14, 2010 at 6:24 pm |

    I recommend a documentary I saw, I THINK it was called “Scientology and the Clear-water Police”.. These guys might be scarier to me than the bloody Catholics in a lot of ways!
    And be sure to check out Scientology's fake promotional videos on youtube (With obvious paid actors!) that you can't comment on unless it's positive and non-questioning..

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