Stunning New Mars Ice Wall Photo

The Daily Mail has published an incredible photo from our sister planet Mars, but it raises questions regarding NASA’s manipulation of the image – if they are going to “enhance” this one, how about others like the infamous “face”?:

It looks like a filmmaker’s apocalyptic vision of Earth following a devastating natural disaster. But this colossal ice formation is actually a portion of the wall terraces of a huge crater on Mars.

Mars Ice Wall

Approximately 37 miles in diameter, a section of the Mojave Crater in the planet’s Xanthe Terra region has been digitally mapped by Nasa scientists. The result is this digital terrain model that was generated from a stereo pair of images and offers a synthesized, oblique view of a 2.5-mile portion of the crater’s wall terraces.

[continues in the Daily Mail]


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  1. Your Obedient Serpent | Mar 23, 2010 at 10:08 am |

    I predict that if they enhance photos of the Face on Mars area, it won't resolve or solve any of the debates.

    If it turns out to be closer to the Disparaged Shapeless Blur Photos than the Famous Pareidolia Shadows Photo, the conspiracy theorists will cry that the enhancement was faked or doctored.

  2. If i would see this accidentally i would decide that this is place somewhere at Earth. No difference.

  3. would make a good backdrop for a black metal album.

    total recal is the shit by the way

  4. Only one thing for it so… go there

  5. Only one thing for it so… go there

  6. Only one thing for it so… go there

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