Teen Cannibals on Trial for Dismembering and Eating Their Four Friends

From Pravda:

Legal trial with regard to the notorious Satanists case has commenced in the regional court of Yaroslavl, Russia. Eight teenagers are being accused of cannibalism and brutal murder of their four friends. The Satanists spent a year and a half in a detention facility, and are now finally in court.

Last week, the first hearing was held. The case details are so shocking that the hearings are closed to the general public. Eight teenagers, sect members, murdered their friends, ate their hearts, dismembered their bodies and buried them in several places. The mothers of the innocent victims who are to find out all the case details have demanded that the judge gave the criminals a life sentence.

Indictments were handed out to Alexei Chistyakov, Konstantin Baranov, Ksenia Kovaleva, Nikolai Ogolobyak, Alexander Voronov, Aleksei Soloviev, Sergey Karpenko and Anton Makovkin. The teenagers enjoyed watching their friends die a painful death.

The teenagers who fell victims of the Satanists were Varya Kuzmina, age 16, Olya Pukhova, age 16, Andrey Sorokin, age 16, and Anya Gorokhova, age 15. The ritual murders were committed in June of 2008 in the wastelands that served as the Satanists meeting grounds. The Satanists installed an upside down crucifix on the ground and immolated animals there. The sect members often raided cemeteries where they dug out graves and turned crucifixes upside down. Having spent two years immolating animals, the teenagers decided to try their “skill” on humans. According to the investigators, they murdered their victims in couples. They first made the victims drunk, and then cut them with a knife, stabbing each victim 666 times, the sacred Number of the Beast. Then the murderers made bonfires and fried their victims’ body parts to eat them…

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  1. iphlogiston | Mar 5, 2010 at 10:59 am |

    Oh lovely. More “wannabe” satanists. Real Satanists don't harm animals, don't hang inverted crosses and don't go out of their way to kill other humans unless it's absolutely necessary. Sheesh. It's artards like these that give true Satanists a bad name.

    • I blame video games.

    • tonyviner | Mar 5, 2010 at 5:05 pm |

      There are two schools of thought on Satanism. There is the Anton LaVey version, like that mentioned above, and then there are the “real” Satanists that think it is imperative to their cause to be “evil”, not realizing that rape and murder fall right in line with a lot of what is put forth in The Bible.

  2. Well that definitely belongs in the “Bizarre” category.

  3. well thats sickkkk………………..:(

  4. well thats sickkkk………………..:(

  5. well thats sickkkk………………..:(

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