The Real Tarzan

Tarzan_ComicChris M. writes on the Black Sun Gazette:

Tarzan is the creation of pulp fiction superstar Edgar Rice Burroughs and the prefect blend of two archetypes the feral child and the wild man. His name means “Skin Boy” and he is the son of English aristocrats who were marooned in the jungle after a mutiny at sea. Tarzan’s mother dies from an illness and his father is killed by an ape.

The orphan seems doomed until adopted by Kala, another ape, and taught the ways of the jungle. When he matures he discovers he is John Clayton, Lord Greystoke and returns to England to claim his title only to reject his inheritance and return to his true home in the wilderness.

He joined the comic book world in 1931, having series by both DC and Marvel, and even become a manga star in Japan (not to mention his appearance in Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Since I was kid I’ve been fascinated by him, but instead of looking towards Africa I should have focused on Australia. The real Tarzan is none other than Michael Fomenko better known as Last of the Wild White Men, the King of the Coral Sea and the Wild Man of Wujal-Wujal.

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