There Is a Naked-Networking Club in Washington, D.C.

Massa & Beck

"Care for a Massa massage, Glenn?"

Chris Rovzar writes in New York:

After Eric Massa told the world about the time a naked Rahm Emanuel accosted him in the congressional locker rooms, we had to wonder: “Is there naked deal-making that goes on in D.C., or was that just a fantasy that Eric Massa concocted — which in his mind ended in a playful, ticklish snorkeling expedition?”

Initially, that seemed to be the case — but after sliding a few rungs down on the Beltway power ladder, the Washington Post managed to find a group of D.C. “insiders” who like to get naked and sweat together.

There is, apparently, a gang of mid-level lobbyists and bureaucrats who hang out in the big, scorching hot sauna at the Finnish Embassy. (It’s twice as hot as the one at the Swedish embassy).

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4 Comments on "There Is a Naked-Networking Club in Washington, D.C."

  1. dumbsaint | Mar 23, 2010 at 6:37 pm |

    Thanks for the horrifying imagery.

    • LOL. I wouldn't want to look at it PERSONALLY as D.C. is nigh universally populated with dough white guys of less than ideal physique, but at the very least, it would give a new and amusing connotation to the oft used phrase that describes the legislative process — namely, “Sausage Making”.


  2. Why not? It works for the Fins who do half their business in the sauna. And it certainly worked for the Romans.

  3. I hear the vomitorium is still in the planning stages.

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