VP Joe Biden Drops F-Bomb Before President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill Into Law

Joe Biden rocks. ‘Nuff said:

  • Joseph

    I second Biden's statement.
    This is a big fuckin' deal.

  • tonyviner

    I couldn't make heads or tails of what the Vice President was saying.

    He can cuss on TV if he wants to, at least he isn't torturing people for fun. (That we know of.)

  • samthor

    ahaha! The look on Obama's face.
    Still it's less obscene than former VP Cheney's actions.

  • bob

    no he didnt. he says “this is a very special deal”. so sick of this crap…

  • iskandar1

    there is something eerie about him saying that…like hes mocking it almost. obamas stern face indicates that he is upset that he even said that….whats really going on?

  • 5by5

    See, that's precisely why I like Joe Biden. He's a real mensch.

    When DICK Cheney uses it, you'll notice it's far less charming, because he uses it to bash good people with, while Biden uses the word because he's excited by the prospect of helping people.

    As Carlin wisely said, “It's not the word that matters, it's the CONTEXT.”