Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich?

Talk about an elephant in the room…  This article illuminates how the super-rich keep their wealth while you pay 30% to the tax man every week.  They actually use the “American Dream” against us.  Greed is the central motivator behind the Tea-Bagger movement and most current “Fair” Tax movements.

From Alternet:

Our nation is already deeply in debt. How can we possibly afford to invest in our infrastructure, renewable energy, health care, our schools — and create the millions of jobs that our unemployed desperately need?

We are told that we’re already living well beyond our means — that entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security will bankrupt us. Forget the solar panels, the smaller classes and the new jobs — we’ve got to cut back on government programs at all levels.

Meanwhile, the super-rich are still having a ball. In his annual shareholder letter, mega-investor Warren Buffett wrote, “We’ve put a lot of money to work during the chaos of the last two years. When it’s raining gold, reach for a bucket, not a thimble.” And Forbes Magazine adds, “Many plutocrats did just that. Indeed, last year’s wealth wasteland has become a billionaire bonanza. Most of the richest people on the planet have seen their fortunes soar in the past year.”

Which brings us back to the federal budget. There are two sides to every ledger: the expenses…and the income. We need to start looking at the income side. With a fairer tax system, we could retrieve some of that money downpour that the elite has been siphoning away from us for decades.

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6 Comments on "Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich?"

  1. We are not afraid. It's just that we have to go to the rich to change our laws and well…they're not going to impose more taxes on themselves now are they.

  2. I'm not afraid. Tax the hell out of them.

    But more importantly, tax the mega-corporations. 90% of the Fortune 500 companies pay ZERO tax, indeed many of them get refunds. Their success is contingent upon operating in the market system which we have afforded to them. They should pay their fair share for the privilege of participating in America and enjoying it's success.

    But enough of the corporate welfare. That needs to stop.

  3. Heard ya on that.

    Im sure they never said to themselves, “fuck im broke. I can only afford burger king”.

  4. You’re lucky to afford Burger King, it’s out of my budget. Rice, Beans, Tortillas… Hamburger is a luxury.

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