Yes Men Dupe Utah With Call For Gay “Final Solution”

Pranksters the Yes Men held a bogus press conference in Salt Lake City, posing as an organization called “Patriots for a Moral Utah,” and called for a “Final Solution” of the forced removal of gays and lesbians of Utah. Amazingly, the event seemed believable enough for local reporters…Utah’s ABC 4 reports:

The so-called press conference was held at the Utah State Capitol at 1:00 p.m. Monday.

The woman claimed that…Utahns should get behind the initiative that would force homosexuals to relocate to New York City, Portland or San Francisco. According to the woman, who claimed to be Nora Young, homosexuals who chose not to relocate who be forced to undergo therapy that would “rehabilitate” them from homosexuality.


  • tonyviner

    Is there video for this? The Yes Men need to sneak into a Tea Party rally or sneak into a health care or climate change summit. I wager they could make their way into the White House.

    I want more details on this. How many people were behind the initiative?

  • popculturemaiden

    Oh, my. Being local in Utah, I really wish I could've seen this. It's brilliant!

  • xen

    Thus proving in one swoop both that no satire can be so extreme that someone won't mistake it for the truth and that some people in Utah need to start using their brains for something more productive than ridiculous hate.

  • 5by5

    What's more hilarious is that the ABC4 report goes into great detail showing how “gays were offended by this” or gay groups distanced themselves from this, but no ink is expended explaining that the anti-gay movement really DOES want this sort of thing at it's very base, and THAT'S WHY THE JOKE WORKS.

    It's completely believable, because it has a critical core of TRUTH.

    This is because that entire movement is built on the rantings of true wackjobs like RJ Rushdooney, who wanted to make Biblical Law supersede Constitutional Law, and exact the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, lying about your virginity (that one's my personal favorite), public blasphemy (I guess private blasphemy is still ok, LOL) witchcraft, and idolatry, among a laundry list of other offenses.

    And he wanted it to be punished old-school style, with stoning.

    This is the same asshat who declared, “Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies,” and even more preciously stated, “All men are NOT created equal before God… . Moreover, an employer has a property right to prefer whom he will in terms of 'color,' creed, race or national origin.”

    So yeah. A real douchebag.

    And you can trace virtually every wackadoodle rightwinger that is supposedly “leading” the Republican Party in the last 30 years back to that one goober – from Ashcroft (who anointed himself with Crisco oil upon taking office), to Falwell, to Robertson, to Tim LaHaye (of the “Left Behind” heresy fame), to Howard Ahmanson (billionaire funder of all things rightwing, including the recent anti-gay legislation in California that overturned Constitutionally mandate marriage equality), to James Dobson, to George Bush, to Grover “drown the American government” Norquist – you name it.

    These men are why even paleo-conservatives like Barry Goldwater said things like, “The religious right scares the hell out of me.”

  • equality007

    Here is their website with a link to the press conference video – a MUST see!

    • equality007

      BTW – the Yes Men were not involved.

  • Anonymous

    BTW – the Yes Men were not involved.