100 Robots Converge For Giant Global Robot Expo Online

Via h+ magazine:
Robot Expo

More than 100 university robotics labs around the world have created a giant robot expo online, including MIT, Cambridge, Carnegie-Mellon and Oxford.

It includes the University of Reading’s robot, which uses a biological brain, and humanoid robots from Osaka University, which can interact with humans.

The University of Michigan contributed its OmniTread snake robots, which can crawl through small holes, and the University of Zurich’s ECCEROBOT (funded by the EU) even has human-like cognition.

And the expo also features MIT’s robotic flower gardens and robot technology embedded into lamps and clothing, plus Leonardo, a socially intelligent animatronic robot capable of near-human facial expression that learns from natural human interaction.

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    link “created a giant robot expo online” is broken…

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