Activism Website Targets Gamers

Bearing in mind that disinformation® readers are often into both activism and videogames, do you think this site stands a chance? (As reported in Variety):

A group of Hollywood-based entrepreneurs is embarking on an effort to take social activism to the next level: Gaming. A website, called Armchair Revolutionary (, launches today, combining online gaming and crowdsourcing with social activism.

Users register on the site and are faced with a number of tasks, quizzes, votes and other activities, all tied to certain “projects” or causes.

Armchair Revolutionary launches with three projects, including Make Waves, in which users help create a game promoting the protection of the oceans, with each player getting a plot of water to care for; End of Darkness, which includes a quiz and a way to finance a company that will sell affordable solar kits to the poor and Hack Your Body, in which users take a quiz about genetic research and can donate to a documentary about genomics revolution.

The site uses a “virtual currency,” called kredz, with 3 kredz equivalent to 99 cents. Akin to the way that groups like collected huge sums in small-dollar contributions, the idea is that riskier projects, like those tied to energy and the environment, are more likely to get financed by amassing large numbers of small donors via micropayments.

Ariel Hauter, the org’s president, said one of the motivations behind Armchair Revolutionary is to find a new way to draw donors beyond being “guilt driven” or “crisis driven.”

“A game allows you to do things in a much more sustainable way,” he said…

[continues in Variety]


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2 Comments on "Activism Website Targets Gamers"

  1. On a related note, the IMF is behind some sort of online video gamed called Urgent Evoke, which is oriented on the resolution of pressing societal and environmental problems.

    Sounds nice, but I have serious concerns about what the true motivations of any such non-profit game might really be, given the potential of the nascent field of Captology.

    What is Captology, you ask?

    From the Stanford Website:

    Machines Designed to Change Humans

    The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab creates insight into how computing products — from websites to mobile phone software — can be designed to change what people believe and what they do.


  2. dumbsaint | Apr 6, 2010 at 7:41 pm |

    It won't work for gamers like myself who are in it to escape the shittyness of the world by shooting my mates in the head repeatedly.

    If I was to build a game with this goal in mind I would make an MMORPG with a storyline/world similar to Avatar.
    Don't get me wrong – Avatar blew chunks – but it was effective in making people reflect a little on the environment (as well as how retarded giving mechs combat knives is.).

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