Al-Qaeda Targets Soccer World Cup

world_cup_2010_logoSomehow the authors of this story focused on the bad guys of the Algerian branch of Al-Qaeda wanting to strike a blow against the infidels of England and the USA when the soccer teams of those two countries play each other in South Africa on June 13, 2010, but I think it’s more likely that the Algerians want to improve their chances of making it to the knockout stage of the competition. Group C comprises, perhaps to the surprise only of the journalists at the Press Association: England, USA, Slovenia and, yes, Algeria.

FIFA are aware of fresh threats made by al-Qaeda to target this summer’s World Cup, but insist nothing will prevent the tournament from being staged in South Africa.

An Algerian wing of the group has claimed they will carry out attacks on England’s Group C match against the United States on June 12 in Rustenberg, prompting new security fears less than two months before the start of the competition.

But FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said: “It does not mean that because we receive a threat the World Cup should not be allowed to be contested in South Africa or any other country.”

Valcke continued: “We have freedom in the world to celebrate what we want. As the management of the organisation that governs world football, we know there is a threat.

“We will not stop the organisation of the World Cup because we got the threat.”

The threats, which were made in an online magazine of the group, are being taken seriously by FIFA…

[continues at the the Press Association]


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