Amazing Northern Lights Show Over Erupting Iceland Volcano (Photo)

Major props to “ice,” an Icelandic photographer with one very cool collection of photos of the current volcanic eruption in Iceland. Not so cool is that the volcanic ash in the air over northern Europe has stopped all UK air traffic, so for anyone planning to meet the disinformation crew at the London Book Fair next week, stay tuned…

Here’s the pick of the crop of photos, showing the Northern Lights a/k/a Aurora Borealis:

(c) 2010 Ice - shown here in reduced size as fair use.

(c) 2010 "Ice" - shown here in reduced size as fair use.


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10 Comments on "Amazing Northern Lights Show Over Erupting Iceland Volcano (Photo)"

  1. what a tragedy!!

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  2. I'm told volcano is fake! No one can see it!!!! Look to skies – no time before cleaner. It's big big plot. Lots will happen in 48 hours. Been planning many long times. Iceland bets debts cleared to play the part. If you have able leave Europe/US do now but I not no how. This is it peoples, take all precautions now. Supplies will be low within hours before main event take place.

  3. Just spent a week in the North of Scotland (Aberdeen area), arrived back yesterday, witnessed clear blue skies since the Volcanic Ash no fly zone occurred, seen no ash falling to ground, smelt no sulphur in air. Drove back down South 300 miles plus and saw nothing but a perfect day. However, on Tuesday morning, I heard an enormous jet sound, which as I rushed out too see presumed, was a military jet. What I saw instead was what I can only describe as a long white rocket passing overhead from North to South at warp speed. Strange as I am thinking much bigger going on here ie. Polish government and military heirachy plane crashing, volcanic eruption grounding civil avation across Europe, which nobody has produced the slightest bit of evidence for and now this supposed meteorite crashing in Wisconsin, with such remarkable footage of it and yet no crash site. Thoughts anyone ?

  4. New covert security evrywheres now in all airports nearing finished. No sneezing in an airport now – they will be watching every move. Big brother will see ALL THINGS and track who you are and everywhere you walk. Now you see why airports closed for major upgrades. Is very secret. They are ready for plot operations.

  5. NATS are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a fiasco.

  6. NATS are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a fiasco.

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