Arcade Hire

Adult Video StoresUntil recently, Nick Pell worked the night shift at an adult arcade, indulging a lifelong desire to be a fly on the wall of booth culture. His experiences with customers, the boss and the reality of life in the back room of an adult video store follow, via Just Out:

The electronic chirp sounds before I hear the door. Sitting up straight to look presentable, I see three guys walk in—young guys, apparently successful and, above all, handsome guys, well groomed and well dressed. I hand them each five ones. They gossip a bit in front of me, seemingly expecting me to join in. I don’t. I smile politely before putting all of my energy into ignoring the Missing Persons track and people of genders common and rare taking facials on plasma televisions all around me.

The computer’s alarm tells me to check the arcade. I do this every 15 minutes. It keeps the place from becoming a crack den and allows me to mop up piss before it sits there for hours. I jump down off my stool, grab the pick-up stick and head back to the arcade, about 10 paces behind the trio of upwardly-mobile men that just came in.

“Ooooo… are you gonna join us?” One of them coos at me, apparently thinking that he’s doing both my libido and my ego some huge favor…

[continues at Just Out]


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  1. Moe Shinola | Apr 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm |

    I'm not getting through to the website.

  2. Some subcultures can’t die off soon enough…this…this is one of them.

  3. Some subcultures can't die off soon enough…this…this is one of them.

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