Can Supercomputers Stop Bird Flu Using Google Earth?

Supercomputers can now construct millions of phylogenetic trees to determine how H5N1 viral mutations are related, and then map them on Google Earth.

The Supramap can predict the path of pathogens the way weathermen predict the path of a storm, and according to one researcher, “we’ll have better public health outcomes as a result… We waded through all of the complexities so people in the public health realm who want to determine how a flu virus got from point A to point B can find that out.”

The data shows the potentially deadly “avian flu” virus has been creeping across Asia and into Europe and Africa for more than a decade, picking up mutations along the way. But the researchers warn that “The task of
preparing for flu pandemics remains urgent, and the world must guard against complacency…”

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  1. Really huh! that sounds really interesting..hope people can feel the effect of the change very soon.. 😉

  2. who’s running this site?

  3. who's running this site?

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