Carey Grant: The First Star To Promote The Wonders Of LSD

Who was the first mainstream American celebrity to espouse the virtues of psychedelic drugs?

Carey Grant, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the ’30s through the ’60s, who had his “life transformed” by LSD and “arguably, created more interest in LSD than Dr. Timothy Leary who was largely preaching to the converted.” The blog of New York’s WFMU radio examines the crazy saga of Carey Grant and LSD:

I learned many things in the quiet of that room … everything is or becomes its own opposite … You know, we are all unconsciously holding our anus. In one LSD dream … I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from earth like a spaceship. — Cary Grant

When Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping interviewed him, the topic of conversation wasn’t Cary’s favorite recipe or “the problem with youth today.” Instead, Cary Grant was telling happy homemakers that LSD was the greatest thing in the world.

Cary Grant had been interested in various forms of mysticism throughout the nineteen fifties. Initially he was fascinated by hypnosis, particularly self-hypnosis. While filming a knife fight in The Pride and the Passion (1957), Grant received a series of gashes across the torso. His body was covered with scars for several months. Cary had been practicing self-hypnosis prior to the injuries as a means to achieve “complete relaxation.”

He put himself into a transcendental state to will the scars from his body. Grant said he entered the shower one day with the scars, put himself into a relaxed state, and left the shower without a mark on his body. Apparently his doctors were amazed. Skeptics might theorize that Grant was just covered in dried-out stage blood from the film — and this was the first time he’d showered in several months.

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  1. I guess the doors of perception lie north by northwest…

  2. thersonly1me | Apr 2, 2010 at 6:41 pm |

    my yard looks pretty.

  3. I dont advise it. I've heard some horror stories.
    I came across some clean stuff once.
    One of the greatest memories of my life!

  4. GoodDoktorBad | Apr 3, 2010 at 10:11 am |

    LSD tends to amplify your emotional state, so people who are unstable in this way may have a bad time of it.
    Also, when people speak of hallucinations as if they are “not real”, let me assure you, they are real enough.
    It could be argued that they are just as real as any other experience. The effect these “other” realities have on you can be quite “real” also.

    For me, long ago, there were life changing experiences I do not regret having. I have stared into the abyss at the edge of my mind and found no reason to fear it. I once had the priviledge of making love with a woman for 8 hours straight while we both tripped. I have trod the forest of nether and came out better for it. For me, it was good….

    For others, it may not be the best step to take on the path to you….

  5. It seems like this old story has been posted many times here on disinfo. It's an interesting story but not exactly “news”.

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  7. bedleysmutler | Apr 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm |


  8. LSD could combat depression and treat cancer, say top scientists, you say? Here we go again with the infamous saying either so-called Government overpaid Experts or Top Scientists. They are a total waste of ‘Taxpayers Money’ sitting flipping paper clips all day wondering how to substantiate their overpaid existence, Bit like our MP’s really yes? Red arrows coming from Paper clip flippers you betcha.

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