Chris Ware’s Rejected Cover For Fortune Magazine

Acclaimed-genius comic book artist Chris Ware was commissioned to do the cover for capitalist magazine Fortune‘s iconic “Fortune 500” issue (a list of the 500 top companies). Media Bistro reports that the finished result was rejected; upon inspection with a magnifying glass, it’s easy to see why.

Viewing the hi-res version reveals a multitude of subversive tiny figures including  CEO’s dancing a jig on top of the number “500,” China dumping money into the ocean, houses sinking nearby, orange-clad Guantanamo prisoners, and Mexican workers sitting in a “Fabrica de Exploitacion” center. It was all a bit too much for Fortune to handle.


  • GWF Hegel

    this is really perfect. a complete graphical depiction of the burgeoning, popular, counter-hegemonic worldview that has surfaced since the credit crunch. the problem is that this worldview as it stands is only configured towards the punishment of certain strands of the elite, with maybe a bit of redistribution thrown in. this will help a few of us but leave the basic conditions of life fully intact. what we really need is a movement which will change the core relations involved and move us away from the capitalist basis of production.

  • jayurbzz

    fabulous! it's just missing the gaping craters from the 9/11 events

  • E.B. Wolf

    Sometimes a picture is worth far more than a thousand words.