Daily Star Pulled From Airports Over Volcano Ash Splash

Daily Star headline

Daily Star headline

John Plunkett writing in the Guardian:

Copies of today’s Daily Star have been removed from airport newsagent shelves today over fears that its splash, headlined “Terror as plane hits ash cloud” with an image of a 747 with engines ablaze, could cause panic among travellers.

Richard Desmond’s red top was removed from shops at Gatwick and Manchester airports after today’s edition was published, with a front-page story claiming to feature “dramatic pictures as jets get OK to defy volcano”.

However, the image used in the splash was taken from a TV reconstruction of an incident 28 years ago in which a BA 747’s engines were knocked out by a volcanic ash cloud. The documentary, previously broadcast on the National Geographic channel, is to be shown on Channel Five tonight…

[continues in the Guardian]

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