Deepak Chopra Caused the Recent Mexicali Earthquake? Well, He Thinks He Did…

Deepak Chopra on Twitter

So is this guy joking or is he just an enormous dickhead? Deepak Chopra apologized for causing the 7.2-magnitude earthquake felt in parts of Mexico and the southwestern United States on April 4th…

Deepak Chopra on Twitter

  • amosrobinson

    If you listen closely, you can still hear the aftershocks of my eyes rolling! LMFAO!!!

  • tonyviner

    Deepak Chopra is a real person? I thought it was just some made up Indian guy, like Jesus.

  • oman28

    He was joking….wasn't he? He must have been. Deepak, you were joking right?
    Or drunk. yeah. You had a few didn't you? Deepak?……..Deepak?

  • jeffhalmos

    Of course he was joking. Well, half-joking, as he was probably also pointing out how one sees the world under high-level awareness.

  • 5by5

    He didn't do shit. I know, because I caused the earthquake.

    Deepak douche always trying to steal my thunder…..

  • GoodDoktorBad

    He just had a serious gastric Curry overload.

    Intestinal fortitude = seismic disturbance.

    California is just a Curried Chicken away from annihilation.

  • alkwerte

    Chuck Norris will be very angry

  • tee

    Deepak is creating his own magazine

  • tee

    Deepak is creating his own magazine