Don’t Be Surprised: Facebook Has Merged Your User Profile with RFID

So who else is doing this besides Facebook?

  • Peetr

    Them crazy Christians… what'll they think of next…?

  • Antony Carthy

    The presenter is too retarded. I couldn't concentrate. My face hurts.

    • D351

      ditto, almost made it a full minute into the video before getting too annoyed to keep interest.

  • pb

    How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Facebookey RFID Future

  • Fluxuation

    Man the future is looking so alluring, I cant wait! I want my rotary phone back.

  • steveishitani

    Facebook merged with user profile with RFID is very old technology, many decades old. As of now, the Shadow Government has used extraterrestrial gadgets for over 40 years. Any school children that attends school, for immunization purposes, they are injected while many decades ago they were given sugar cubes in which each one of them contains nano chips. That is nothing new, cause what you think, see, hear, etc., it is all in the computerized systems stored somewhere in those limestone caves and also see Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories pertaining to HAARPS in Alaska but not Australia, but to me it is all primitive stuff. So what's new?

  • oman28

    Not sure if he's a christian or a stoner.
    Either way he makes a good point. We should be wary of technology that can be used to restrict and control, especially if it is presented to us as something that will give us more freedom.

  • voxmagi

    100 years ago it was enemas to ensure healthy colons…which is really a fetish for shoving stuff up their ass without feeling like tehy're being 'naughty'…today…its this crap. Crazy expresses itself in many ways, but no one does it quite like the Jesus-crispies.