Federal Judge Awards Beirut Bombing Victims $1.3 Billion

From ABC News:

A federal court this week ordered Iran to pay $1.3 billion to the victims of the 1983 United States Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, the latest in a series of enormous verdicts against rogue nations that the judge said may be providing false hopes to those who seek justice.

“The Court seeks to send the strongest possible message that Iran’s support of terrorism against citizens of the United States absolutely will not be tolerated by the courts of this nation,” U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth wrote in a searing, and at times poignant, opinion published Wednesday.

This is the second huge judgment for victims of the bombing — another group was awarded more than $2.6 billion in 2007. But for now, the money appears to be mirage, or, as Lamberth described it in an earlier opinion related to the latest case, “a meaningless charade.”

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