Goldman Sachs, In Their Own Words, Offered Investors A “Shitty Deal” (Video)

Goldman Sucks, I mean Sachs, this is priceless. Did you really have to destroy the U.S. economy to make C-SPAN this entertaining? Next time, instead of handing the potential investor a prospectus, why not just have them bend over? Via Countdown With Keith Olbermann:

3 Comments on "Goldman Sachs, In Their Own Words, Offered Investors A “Shitty Deal” (Video)"

  1. You know, you really have to have screwed up royally to get a man of such decorum like Sen. Levin to use that word repeatedly.

  2. Goldman sachs and the inherent greed machine ran this country during the reagan years, reagan wasnt even needed, but I guess you have to have a stuffed shirt to look at while youre being fed something.

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