‘Hacking Masterclass’ Offered to Bypass Filter

From ZD Net:

Euthanasia groups will hold computer seminars around Australia to teach people how they can defy the Federal Government’s proposed internet filter to obtain suicide information.

Exit International said its “Hacking Masterclass” will show the elderly and dying how to use proxy servers and virtual networks so they can slip past the filter and find information on “safe suicide”.

It was divulged last year that the government plans to block access to certain websites discussing euthanasia and assisted suicide, which is against the law, as well as sites devoted to pornographic and other illegal activities.

The Federal Government and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy have been widely criticised for the censorship move.

Exit International founder and director Dr Philip Nitschke said 100 people had already signed up to the first five-and-a-half-hour “Safe Suicide Workshop” to be held in the western Perth suburb of Floreat on Wednesday.

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