Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Geminoid-F Humanoid Mimics Earthlings, is Definitely the Beginning of the End

From Engadget:

Hiroshi Ishiguro (or his evil android twin, one) is back in business, and nearly four years after his Geminoid HI-1 startled youngsters everywhere, the Geminoid-F has arrived to consternate the grown-ups. Shown off this weekend in Osaka, Japan, the lifelike lady you see above (pictured left, just in case you were wondering) was designed to mimic human facial expressions that are fed in to its internal computer. The rubberized face has a rather insane amount of flexibility, enabling it to pull off subtle gestures that have thus far been impossible to replicate on a robot.

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  • jefF

    I'd fuck it.

    • tearsforyou

      Not me.

      • tearsforyou

        Meaning,I didn't like your comment.Nothing better to say?????????? How bout reading Revelations 3:20. Jesus truly loves you,and will give you chances to come to Him till the day you die. Please,take this chance. Our lives are too unsure not to. You never know what tomorrow holds. Seek Him while He may be found.

        • Realist

          Sure, if you are one who relies in fantasy to solve all your problems.