iFeel_IM Adds Physical Stimulation To Instant Messages

“While Professor Tsetserukou could have added a mechanism for sexual arousal (or inflicting pain) to iFeel_IM!, he did not.” iFeel_IM! equips a parachute-like harness with vibrators, motors, and speakers to create a “feeling enhancement” system reacting to cues in instant messages.

“According to Professor Tsetserukou, it distinguishes joy, fear, anger and sadness with 90 percent accuracy, and can parse nine emotions – including shame, guilt, disgust, and surprise – nearly four out of five times.”

Components include “HaptiHeart,” which recreates heartbeat patterns using a pre-recorded sound signal to generate vibrations which pressure the human chest, and joy sensations are created using HaptiButterfly and HaptiTickler, with vibration motors to produce pleasurable, natural sensations in the abdomen. (HaptiTickler actually tickles the ribs with randomized vibration motors “to ensure unpredictability”.)

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  • http://www.xenex.org/ xen

    …Teledildonics is not new and that is the end result of this technology. Stop trying to make it cute (it just comes off as horrifying), just make it subtle and effective.

  • Anonymous

    Textual stimulation.
    How fast can you text “Me so Horny”?

  • GoodDoktorBad

    Textual stimulation.
    How fast can you text “Me so Horny”?

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