Image of Jesus in Google Maps

Jesus, why so long to appear on Google Maps?

Jesus on Google Maps

Was the burned bacon fat in the frying pan coming from a false messenger?

More on perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena on Wikipedia.

  • voxmagi

    Looks more like an emo kid.

    Poor emo Jesus…the Romans don't need to cut him anymore…he'll take care of that all by himself…alone, in his room, at night…with his diary to keep him company.

  • nemoide

    It does look like a person, but that says more about the human brain's ability to interpret things as something familiar looking. IMO it doesn't look very Jesus-y…

  • Peetr

    pfft… that is obviously Frank Zappa, look at the nose!

    • Anonymous2

      That's what I said!

    • RUFUS

      I can't stop laughing because that was the exact same thing I thought of when I saw it too! I actually only went to the commenst to write that! ROTFL!!!

    • connie dobbs

      Yeah, it's zappa, not jesus. Jesus had shorter, curlier hair.

  • Efeito2012 Blog

    I don't know if this is Jesus (it certainly looks like a human face). Bu there is something else there. The city next to where it appears, Püspökladány is where a great Nazi officer, Rudolph Becker, died. And, by the left side of the face, there is something more weird, like a strange dog or something… Look at my blog post (it is in portuguese, but look at the image with a red circle), you will understand what I mean.

  • Bob

    is it just me? or do i see little devil horns on the forehead….

  • tonyviner

    I thought it was John Lennon. Or Michael Landon.

  • connie dobbs

    Yeah, it’s zappa, not jesus. Jesus had shorter, curlier hair.