iPad Is a Major Success … Being Destroyed On YouTube

As CNN’s SciTech Blog points out, the iPad is a big hit in a blender:

The Web’s latest viral video hit comes from the popular online series called “Will it Blend?”

The premise of the show is simple. A guy in glasses and a lab coat (who just so happens to be the founder of a blender company) puts stuff in a kitchen blender and then declares the objects blendable or not.

Monday’s iPad blender test has been watched 2.8 million times on YouTube.

So does the iPad blend? Tom Dickson, the show’s host and founder of Blendtec, says yes in the video, as he pours the ashy remains of an iPad onto the counter top.

But with a caveat. Dickson has to bust the iPad into two pieces for the 9.7-inch screen to fit inside the appliance.

A number of other iPad-destruction videos are getting passed around the Web, too. Some guys decided to bust their iPads within moments of purchasing them, according to news reports…

[continues on the SciTech Blog]


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  1. That's one badass blender

  2. Indeed it is.

    In fact, I think that’s the one the White House uses on the Constitution.

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