Join Us for the Premiere of Danny Schechter’s ‘Plunder’

If you’re in the New York metro area for this event (details below), join us by RSVPing to plunder [at] Otherwise, please help us spread the word on Danny Schechter’s new film, Plunder: The Crime of our Time, now available on iTunes and DVD.

Aldon O. James, Jr., The President of The National Arts Club, Globalvision Inc. and The Disinformation Company cordially invite

You and a Guest To The Premiere Screening Of Danny Schechter’s New Investigative Film Exposing the Financial Crisis as A Crime Story


In March of this year, a national poll found that despite all the partisan political polarization, 82% of the American people want a “crackdown on Wall Street.”

Yet to date, a handful of white collar criminals have been prosecuted and jailed for causing the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression.

The film, Plunder: The Crime of our Time is being released in April by The Disinformation Company and will be available on cable systems’ Video-On-Demand, on DVD and via iTunes. It is the first documentary feature to treat the financial crisis as a crime story.

The hard-hitting film features testimony by Wall Street bankers, economists, a convicted white collar criminal, real estate brokers and victims of mortgage scams. It explains how an estimated $197 trillion disappeared because of elaborate and sophisticated financial frauds. Plunder also indicts the media for not warning us or investigating the crisis in a timely way.

“I am grateful to the National Arts Club for showcasing many of my films over two decades,” says multiple Emmy Award winner Schechter, a veteran of ABC News, CNN and CNBC. “This is certainly a most timely and relevant film coming out a time that the country is debating financial reform. It focuses on a subject that has been largely ignored by the news media, which tends to claim that the crisis is a result of mistakes and delusions.”

At 7 p.m. on April 29, 2010 the National Arts Club premieres a new film by Globalvision’s investigative journalist and well known “News Dissector” and truth-teller Danny Schechter (director of In Debt We Trust and WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception).

Danny Schechter’s earlier films have been shown at the National Arts Club to enthusiastic audiences.


Please RSVP to plunder [at]

The National Arts Club is located at:

15 Gramercy Park South
New York NY 10003
Tel. (212) 475-3424


About Danny Schechter:

Schechter, a Cornell and London School of Economics graduate, produced the first prime time report on the S&L Crisis in the late ’80s for ABC’s 20/20. He co-produced Globalization and Human Rights for PBS in the late ’90s. In 2006, he was one of the first to expose predatory subprime lending and warn of a credit crisis with the film In Debt We Trust. He has called for a “jailout, not a bailout.”

As a blogger for and sites like Huffington Post, he has been covering the financial crisis daily and weekly from an independent perspective. In 2008, his book Plunder warned of a deeper collapse and was published the week before Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. His new companion book The Crime of our Time: Why Wall Street Is Not Too Big to Jail documents the findings of the film and will be published by The Disinformation Company.

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  2. Yeah some problems with that address, please send to plunder [at] and we’ll get the RSVP.

  3. Yeah some problems with that address, please send to plunder [at] and we'll get the RSVP.

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